Our Penetration Testing service utilises human intelligence to gain access to your organisation’s networks, apps, and devices. The goal is to locate vulnerabilities in your environment by simulating a cyber-attack, but instead of breaching your data or injecting malware, we review your security posture from the inside and help you make it stronger.


Forward-thinking organisations are embracing remote working, BYOD, and many other technical business advantages that are available. However, with these corporate upgrades comes a broader threat landscape, and increased security risks.

Our pen testing services are for organisations who want to find and eliminate security weaknesses within their internet-facing systems, web and mobile apps, and networks. By working with us, you gain an independent look at the various tools your organisation uses and the risks they could pose.


Our experienced consultants utilise similar tools and techniques to real-world threat actors, meaning we can simulate realistic exploits without harming your systems in any way. These services include:

Infrastructure Penetration Testing – exploiting vulnerabilities in your company’s networks and servers to improve your resilience to internal and external attacks.

Web App Penetration Testing – replicating the approach an external attacker would take to gain access to your apps. This could be anything from reviewing your CMS, to deep-dive assessments of bespoke applications.

Mobile App Penetration Testing – finding vulnerabilities and recommending remedial actions to help mitigate any risk to your corporate devices.

Wireless Penetration Testing – conducting a full review of your wireless network to help you provide secure remote working for your staff.

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